Saturday, 1 September 2012

My September 2012 Challenge is up at Hummie's World!

This month, following on from the thoughts in the Newsletter, and as the year marches on, seasons change, routines change, new family members arrive and children return to school, I thought a challenge about change would be good!

I decided to make a page with no photo for a change, and using only a few items. I also changed from square to rectangle and used a grunge overlay that I have made on the paper! I chose this quote as I thought it'd be good to help keep me focused through all the changes that will inevitably come this month - and beyond!

There's a little participation prize for you as well - my grunge overlay! I hope you enjoy playing with it and seeing the different effects possible!

So! I challenge you to scrap a page about any kind of change in your life. Whether it's something you've chosen, something that's been forced upon you, something that happens every year, or has happened just the once...any kind of page with the theme of change!

I'm looking forward to seeing your pages, and in the meantime, here's mine!

Bernie x

and a preview of the Participation prize!

Head on over to Hummie's World and join me in my challenge!! 
You can find the thread HERE!

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