Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Little brag!!

I received my complementary copy of Somerset Digital Studio today (have a nosey here if you haven't heard of it! http://stampington.com/somerset-digital-studio) and thanks to the lovely ladies of ViVa Artistry I have a LO published in there!

I wish I could afford this mag on a subscription as it is absolutely inspirational and full of such beautiful artwork! It's a real honour to have my page included in there, along with my details!!

So, now I'm an internationally published artist, LOL!!!!

Congrats to Cynthia Taylor and Elysah Hagenaars as well - they too have beautiful LOs 
made with ViVa stash in the publication!! 

Bernie x


  1. Hi Bernie! I just recognized your name on your layout and had to look you up. Congratulations!

    1. hiya! Thank you so much! Yup, I'm still so happy about this!!!!
      I've had to put my designing on hold at the moment as a close relative was diagnosed with cancer and needed an urgent operation. She has special needs and as I am the only family member who works from home, it fell to me to do a lot of caring for her and try and get her the help she needs from agencies as well.
      I do hope to get back to it one day in the not too distant future though!
      Hope all is well with you, and thanks so much for taking the time to come by and say hi!!!! x