Friday, 29 November 2013

I'm back...almost!

Well, what a few months this has been!
Since April, I've had to help more and more with caring for a relative who has 'special needs'. It came to a head in September when she had to have an operation for Cancer. I had to concentrate on getting her through that and so had to leave my designing behind for a while.

But with the start of Advent at the weekend, and knowing that some people, like me, keep a Christmas Journal of some kind, detailing the build up to Christmas and then their celebrations, it seemed like a good time to create some packs of papers, journal blocks and date tags to help with that!

I know I'm always pushed for time throughout December and creating a page a day can be difficult. When you factor in choosing from all the stash most of us possess, LOL, it can add on a lot of time! So I thought I would create these packs, in three different colour ways, to help out!

Of course I also have some other Christmas papers in my Etsy store, as well as templates, which can be a real help on days when time really is of the essence!

I'll be uploading the new items to my Etsy store shortly, but for now, here's a preview of what will be available!

Christmas Cheer:

Christmas Chill:

Merry Christmas:

Even without much embellishment (back to that lack of time thing again!) the pages look great!
If you'd like to have a look at my templates and everything else in my store, 

And now, for reading this far, you get a reward, LOL!
A FREEBIE mini pack of papers, journal blocks and date tags!
Called My Christmas since these are the colours I have in my house for Christmas!
Here's what you get:

10 Papers

5 Journal Blocks

Set of 31 Numbered Tree Date Tags

My page with this FREEBIE! 

And now the important download links!

Either grab them here:

or here:

Enjoy! And happy scrapping!
Bernie x


  1. Thank you so very much Bernie!

  2. Visited so I could follow and interact with your blog as well as on FB.

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