Thursday, 4 April 2013

BoBoBernie April Art Journaling Challenge is UP!

Bit late posting this here, after the Easter Weekend and my Birthday on Monday (yup! 1st April baby!!)...but my April Art Journaling Challenge is UP at Hummie's World!
You can find the challenge details HERE!

My page this month ended up being more about the art than the journaling! But of course, that's OK! There are no rules when it comes to art journaling! It's a personal thing, and for me, this page says exactly what I want it to!

The challenge is about what we are searching for in life, and for me, I think peace and quiet, calm and that connected feeling I get when I'm walking along the beach - especially in the Winter when there are so few people around there! The few days before I made this, I'd driven past this scene four or five times and the colours and sight of the changing sea had been so inspirational, I HAD to try and get that feel down on my digital canvas!

I really enjoyed myself making this page! Everything except the lighthouse is created from brushes!

Anyway, I hope you will join me at Hummie's World, and have a go at my challenge! There are lots of other challenges there as well - plenty to keep us all occupied!!!

Here's my page, and a preview of the little participation gift if you take the challenge! (It's made with elements from my Light of The World kit).

Happy Scrapping!
Bernie x

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